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a. Mr. Chhay Sopha, director: 855-11-857-424
b. Mrs. Vong Metry, vice director: 855-12-857-424
c. Mr. Wann Sithen: 855-12-979-335 (speaks English)

Address: # 71, Street 598, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Reussey Keo, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA.
Email : admin@apsara-art.org or apsara_arts@online.com.kh

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Profile of Apsara Arts Association (AAA)

Website: www.apsara-art.org

1. Name of the group :
Apsara Arts Association, founded on October 02, 1998.
a. Senior Management Members :
i. Mr. Chhay Sopha, director
ii. Mrs. Vong Metry, vice director
b. Committee Members:
i. Mr. Sek Sorphorn
ii. Mr. Lim Vann Chan
iii. Mr. Tho Pisey (USA)
iv. Miss Soy Khimheai.
v. Mr. Chhem-Kieth Savary (Canada)

2. Vision:
To see the Cambodian arts and culture more valuable and popular in Cambodia as a whole and in the world and for the sustainability of our culture.
· Provide free training to children on classical and folkloric performing arts (dance, music, drama)
· Feed and provide accommodation for 25 children from poor families and orphans, and send them to state-run-school.

3. Activity for year 2004
a. Prepare performance to France in October at the last week for Cité de La musique in Paris.
b. Free training on classical and folkloric dance, music and drama.
c. Regular monthly performances to public and individual requested performances by NGOs, government institutions and others.

4. Past outcome activities done
a. Provided accommodation, such as food and everything for every life to 25 orphan and poor children and sent them to the state-run-school.
b. Propagate over 170 students training on arts: classical and folkloric dance, music, and drama in different levels. Some our dancers are available to be the professional dancers after 6 years trained in our association.
c. A tour visit of Singaporean group (Home stay tour for their kids) for an exchange of dancing experiences. The group is from Singapore History Museum. The kids in our association had the playtime and cross-exchanged dancing.
d. We had honorable opportunity to perform for ASEAN meeting twice already in 2003.

5. Participators (who work with)
a. Most of our interval participators are the performing artists and instructors from Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA).
b. Organizations: ENFANTS D'ASIE ASPECA, Amrita Performing Arts, Reyum.
c. Our frequent supporters are Mekong Boat express, Mrs. Arakava, Bayon Tour

6. Target Audiences
Individual foreign visitor, government institution, French godparents through ENFANTS D'ASIE ASPECA, and tour group.

7. We would like to keep up and disseminate this arts work through children from 5-17. They are the effective contributors of culture for next generation.

8. Expected outcome
The children trained by AAA will be capable and professional as the performers, instructors and contributors of arts of Cambodia in the future and enjoy the child rights to life, health and education.

9. Contact abroad

Mr. Tho Pisey resides now in USA and is our webbuilder for our previous website www.apasara.2ya.com

Mr Savary Chhem-Kieth, a Cambodian living in Canada, helps us to setup a new domain name for our official website www.apsara-art.org. He helps Tho Pisey to build our website. Mr Savary has spent 2 months in Cambodia, taking photographs for our association and he will be our contact at Montreal, Canada. Savary will help us to collect funds over the web by selling pictures he took at the Apsara Arts Association.

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